About us

Meph-heads is a lifestyle brand by Mephisto Genetics. It was born out of the desire to expand our free-spirited and “no smoke and mirrors” approach to wearable, fun pieces that Meph Heads and non-Meph Heads alike could enjoy.

Back in 2012, when we started Mephisto Genetics, we thought about creating products we wanted to try and enjoy. With that same spirit, Meph-heads is about creating fun and easy pieces that we could see ourselves wearing and that could resonate with our crowd. Our wish was to create something we truly believed in, not simply follow whatever is cool or trendy at the moment.

Based in Europe and the US, we’re a small, close-knit team creating original designs inspired by the artwork, characters and graphics that identify the Mephisto Genetics brand that brings together the Meph-Heads community.

Stay tuned and follow the fun!