How does this work?

Our team of Meph Head Munchkins work tirelessly for months on end, fueled by the sweet aroma of fresh buds, and when they create something truly spectacular, we sprinkle a little bit of magic and upload it to the internet for all to see.

After months of deliberation, the Meph-Heads committee chooses the designs and garments we're going to produce in the upcoming months.

We summon our print master munchkin who sources top-notch blanks and screen prints each and every piece by hand. No robot shenanigans here.

When it's ready, we announce it and do a very limited edition drop (usually 100 pieces or less).

You then visit our site and think: 'that looks sweet. I'd like me a piece of that.'

You pay your moneys and get your merch sent before it runs out.

It gets shipped off to you (in the US only) by our delightful merch munchkin (who also printed the garment for you! There's only a few of running this show!)


Cue: Waiting for the postman montage song; remember, even Rocky had a montage!

Open it, wear it, enjoy it.

Rinse and repeat.

What's the printing method?

Last year, we stopped print-on-demand due to concerns about the quality of the garments and the sustainability of the production process. Instead, we now work exclusively with a dedicated partner based in the US who carefully prints each garment by hand using top-quality blanks. By doing this, we can ensure that we produce only what we need and guarantee high-quality products for our meph-heads.

We're now focused on monthly drops of limited edition items, which will be announced on our social media pages. Thank you for your support and for helping us prioritize sustainability and quality!

Do you guys make lucrative amounts of money from this and drive lambo's?

Absolutely not.

With our current print on demand and fulfilment business model, if you pay €25/$30 for a t-shirt, we make €8/$10 approximately. From that we also incur in payment processing fees and taxes of 21% on the 'profit'. We also have excellent staff, minions and site costs to pay.

So for now it's mostly labour of love and passion to expand MG good vibes to fun wearables for our Meph Heads to enjoy. 

So What's the plan? (I'm a nosey parker)

If you've read the above question about profits and wondered: why are you doing it then?!

We've said it before; we've always loved the idea of expanding MG good vibes to fun wearables for our Meph Heads to enjoy. But we want to take it one step at the time. So, if all goes well, this will be just the beginning of many good things to come. 

Our intention is to begin soon collaborating with artists, companies and people we love to create some fantastic, limited edition products that can only be pre-ordered and will be fulfilled directly by us.

You're fed up with drops?!

Well, that may be so, but adopting a pre-order model for special items means we order and have produced only the items we need. Because in today's world, it's hard to predict the weirdness of what anyone wants.  

But we would suggest if roles reversed, you wouldn't want 39 XXL's and 21 Small tee shirts in boxes in your house that no one will ever buy. We're not eco-hippies, but we also have a conscience about not wasting anything, be it materials, power, resources, time or space.

Hopefully, when it comes to that, yes, you will probably have to wait something in the region of 4 weeks for an item to be ordered, produced, sent from the producer to our in-house shipper and reach you. But, on the plus side, you will have something pretty unique in the world.

It also takes a good deal of planning and organization to find the right companies to work with to get an end product we're genuinely proud of.

We know you get it!

Merch Warranty

As we mentioned in the previous question, we now only offer monthly drops of limited edition pieces. Once they're sold out, they won't be restocked!

Please note that irregular or washed garments cannot be returned under any circumstances. If your order is wrong or you receive defective merchandise, please notify us as soon as possible at order@meph-heads.com. The item must be unworn, unwashed, and in the same new condition that you received it. It must also be returned within 30 days from the date of receipt; otherwise, we won't be able to accept it.

Thank you for your understanding.



What payment methods do you accept?

Take your pick from:

Credit/Debit Cards, Paypal, Apple and Google Pay. 

Crypto Currencies:

Ethereum/Bitcoin/Dogecoin/Litecoin/Bitcoin Cash/Dai and USDC

We DO NOT accept cash/ cheques/ money orders/ sexual favours/ pictures of your significant other/ food/ #coins

Can I get a refund?

Can I get a 'what what?'

No! We DO NOT offer refunds.

At MG Merch, all sales are considered final. We take great care in ensuring the quality and accuracy of our products. Our team, though small, personally inspects every item before it is shipped to guarantee you receive exactly what you ordered in the best condition. However, in the rare event that you receive an incorrect or faulty item, please contact us immediately. In such cases, we are committed to resolving the issue.

Sizing details are available for all products. Please be sure to check the size you are ordering is correct for you before parting with your hard earned readies.

What fiat currencies can I pay in?

All transactions at our store are processed in good ol' US dollars. No matter where you're shopping from, even if your bank card hails from the far reaches of Timbuktu. Please remember we only ship within the United States.


Ordering and delivery

Can I place an order without creating an account?

Sure thing! You can opt to checkout as a guest, or you can create an account which will allow you to check past orders and speed up the ordering process next time around.

Where is my order confirmation?

This is automatically sent to the email address used whilst checking out when you place an order. 

When will my order arrive?

Items should be with you within 8-10 business days of there are not further issues of postal delays.

What countries do you ship to?

Domestic Shipping Only

At present, we exclusively offer shipping within the United States. This is due to our merchandise being printed and dispatched from locations within the country. We understand the convenience of international shipping and aim to explore this option again in the future.

We previously collaborated with a third-party service that enabled us to ship our products to a wide range of countries. However, we are currently not working with these providers. We apologize for any inconvenience or confusion this may have caused and appreciate your understanding as we navigate these changes. Stay tuned for future updates regarding our shipping policies.

How much is shipping?

Shipping is handled by Printful, and varies depending on the item(s), location where they're produced and where they are going!

Mephisto Merch makes ZERO MONIES on the handling and shipping, rates are set by Printful.

Typically shipping starts from around €3 up to about €13.

I only got half my order, ahmegadd what's happening?!

You may see on your order if you order multiple items, there can be a shipping charge per item/per type of item.

This is not a mistake. 

Different items are produced in different factories, depending on what they are and where you are in the world!

So, before you lose your shit, please bear in mind that you could receive your remaining items in a couple o' days.

Just hang tight and everything will be irie.



Can I return or exchange an item?

Nope, not on your nelly. However,  if you do receive something wonky or faulty, shoot us an email at order@meph-heads.com ASAP, and we'll sort it out for you.

Please note we won't be able to take back any irregular or washed garments - sorry!  Just remember to send it back in its original, fresh-out-the-box state - no washing or wearing, please! And make sure to do it within 30 days of receiving it, or we'll have to give it a pass. T

If it's the wrong size, give it to someone larger or smaller than yourself, and take pleasure in knowing you've done a good deed and pimped someone up.

Or if you have children wait for them to grow up, if you don't have children think about making some.

Seriously though, there are size guides on every product, check yourself before you wreck yourself.

Thanks a bunch!

My order has arrived but it’s not as I expected. What can I do?

Hopefully the order doesn't come attached to an animal or child.

Hopefully you don't find one of those notes from a slave making them that needs to escape.

In the event that the item is damaged or has bogeys or something gross on it from the factory.

Wear gloves to preserve the crimescene. Take photos. Use a lighter or coin for size reference.

If indeed, something has truly gonne wrong with your order shoot us an email at orders@mephistogeneticsmerch.com with your full name and order number and email you used when registering as we have to get in touch with Printful on your behalf to see what where they effed up.

We won't be able to help you if you don't provide all of the aforementioned details to orders@meph-heads.com. We don't do customer service on social media so stop spamming us there! Also please kindly note in mind the seed site does not handle Merch enquiries or order issues. 

We'll do our best to get back to you within a 24 hour-ish period. Unless it's Sunday and we're having a lying. 


How long is a piece of string?

We don't know, measure it.

Knock Knock, Who's There?

Someone who just failed Grade 10

Can I just send you money because I love you guys?

That's possible!

We're working really hard to produce nice things here, and the profit margins for clothing suck balls.